Sports Medical Cover

We have vast experience at covering various sporting events in different environments. Indoor gymnastic competitions, triathlons, BMX, Cyclocross, open water swimming and even 100 hour ultra marathons covering over 200 miles. With scope of practice from first aiders to Emergency Medical Technicians, Nurses, Paramedics and Doctors. Whether you are in the hustle and bustle of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Lanarkshire or Ayrshire, or the quieter settings of the Scottish Highlands, Perthshire or Dumfries and Galloway we have you covered with sport medics

pitchside and trackside medical cover
mobile medical cover for sporting events
Sport centre medical cover
Outdoor Tracks and Arenas
We can deploy a team within any sporting arena or track to ensure the safety of participants, organisers, and spectators. Working closely with our sport clients we integrate into their team and work with them to ensure a smooth and safe event. Our teams have worked at BMX tracks, hockey stadiums, football stadiums, and track and field arenas.
From static teams to mobile patrols providing a visible presence is important for all patrons and staff to know there is competent help at hand if required.
Mobile Sporting Events


With out fleet of ambulance vehicles we are able to provide fully mobile medical cover to follow rave routes and assess/treat competitors on the route without the need to transport them back to a fixed point for medical aid.

Being able to respond immediately can make a massive difference to the potential outcome for the casualty.

We have vehicles that can operate on both on and off road terrain, which gives us the versatility that a lot of our competitors don't have.

Indoor Sporting Events


Working alongside many national organisations to provide the best medical cover possible in various venues across the country. From elite level competitions down to amateur and beginners.

Having experience in different types of events gives our team a well-rounded approach and the ability to treat any given injury or illness that may be encountered.