Festivals and Galas

No gala is too small, no festival too big. We can provide cover for a range of events across Scotland. Whether they are a couple of hours or last several days, from a few hundred to tens of thousands of attendees. We can help from the initial planning phase right through to the end result and when stages and rigging is being dismantled. With teams available for deployment from Perthshire, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dumfries and Galloway

gala first aid cover
Highland Games Medical Cover
Festival medical and ambulance cover Scotland
Fetes and Galas
Primarily we send first aid cover to the smaller events that are low risk and within minutes of medical care facilities. Mostly dealing with grazes and relatively minor injuries. Although equipped and trained to deal with medical emergencies that are often overlooked ​such as heart attacks, seizures or allergic reactions.
Whether posted in a first aid area or patrolling the area to react to incidents as they happen.
Highland Games and Larger Gatherings


With a wide skill set within our team we have covered several Highland Games and mixed activity ​events.

Ensuring all patrons, event staff, vendors, and performers receive high quality care if anything should happen.

We can provide pop up first aid posts, high visibility staff that can be identified easily, and with access to radio communication to keep everyone in contact at all times.


Music Festivals​​


From initial set up to stripping out we have you covered. Some music festivals are set in fairly isolated areas which poses it's own risks and challenges.

We can be fully self sufficient with our equipment and vehicles suitable for most environments. Perhaps you need 24 hour cover for a 4 day event, or want less resource during the day and more at night. The logistics are not an issue as we tend to remain on site throughout and work in shifts to ensure there is always the right amount of cover, and the right level of team in place. Our festival teams are a mixture of first responders, EMTs, Nurses, Medics and Paramedics. Whilst 'off-duty' there is still a vast response on stand-by should they be needed. With training in major incident management, multi casualty triage, and interagency working. When the crowds have gone we can remain on site for the team stripping down stages etc.