Ambulance Services

We run a fleet of ambulance and response vehicles that allow us to operate on any terrain and for many purposes. With ambulance resources being stretched we provide a private ambulance service across Scotland. There are many reasons for using a private ambulance service and we can offer the same high level of care and skills that you would expect from an NHS ambulance without depleting valuable resources with fully registered Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians manning our ambulances.

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Facility Transfer
Having a patient that needs moved from one facility to another, such as between care homes or for transport to prearranged appointments and clinics.
We can accommodate patients that required transported on a stretcher, on portable oxygen, wheelchair users, and mobile patients that are able to walk on their own or with assistance. Whether it is a one-way transport or a return journey is required we can help.
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Organ and Tissue Transport
Our highly trained response drivers are able to collect organs for transplant and have them delivered to the receiving hospital with the awaiting patient within the required timescale.
We fully understand the need for urgency when dealing with time sensitive transport requests. As well as the need for extreme care to be taken to avoid any damage to the organs themselves.
Private Admission / Discharge


We can attend private residences to transport patients that may be getting admitted to hospital, care home, or hospice facilities, as well as those that are being discharged back to their own homes.

By using a private service you are able to bypass the wait for an NHS transport request and get moving much sooner.

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If you or a loved one has been injured on holiday and are being transported back home on either a private medical flight, or on a charter flight, we are able to collect the patient from the airport and transport them to a medical facility for ongoing care, or to their home address to recover in the comfort of their own home.

With a range of medical professionals available to meet the care needs of the patient, and for ensuring that should their condition deteriorate then there is a highly trained practitioner on hand to dal with it.

With our ambulances incorporating full emergency blue light systems, we are able to provide rapid transport to care facilities for critically ill patients.

Community Resilience
When the weather strikes and their is a severe blizzard and accompanying snowfall, extremely heavy rainfall and flooding, or otherwise dangerous driving conditions, we are able to provide full 4x4 capabilities to assist community care teams to get to patients, for patients to make appointments, and for those cut off from the ​rest of the community to be taken care of with provisions and essential items until the weather passes. Done on a voluntary basis within our local communities to give back to those that need help most.