Industrial Rescue Cover

Some high risk tasks require a higher level of cove than will be possible within the working party. The usual activities involved working in confined spaces, where a rescue team may be required to evacuate injured or incapacitated parties by entering the hazardous environment and carrying out a rescue. Training to such a level is not something that comes easily, and that is why we pride ourselves on being able to offer just such a service. Working in, or near, water can throw up issues with risk assessments and working permits without the correct level of response available. The same can be said for rope access duties and working at height were escape or egress is not straightforward.


Our highly trained teams can provide the cover you need and meet any requirements needed to ensure that the work can be carried out as safely and efficiently as possible. Whether it is a one-off or a regular requirement we are able to respond.

Confined Space Rescue medical team
water rescue medical cover
Rope Rescue medics and Windfarm Emergency Rescue Teams
Confined Space Rescue
Our confined space rescue medics are trained in the safe use of breathing apparatus and escape sets​. Working closely with entry teams to monitor the environment and ensure the working party are all fit and well. We can deploy into the area in instances such as tunnelling or sewer work. This gives us the advantage of being able to react immediately to any incidents that occur. Or we can be onsite as a quick reaction team to only enter the working area in the event of an incident. In full communication with supervisors an on site management to give the most efficient services that we can.
Water Rescue​​


Working in or near water sometimes can't be avoided. With the risk of drowning being very high, or being washed away if the water has any kind of flow.

To train employees up ad keep their skills fresh is a massive undertaking for any company. We can fill the void and give teams of responders from basic flood responders to work alongside any recovery work that may be needed after flooding, right up to Swift Water Rescue Technicians (SRT) or White Water Rescue Technicians (WRT) when there is a real threat to life but there is an operation to be carried out.

Our teams can be bank based with necessary rescue equipment or on boats and rescue rafts to provide an immediate response to someone in the water. All whilst being able to provide a high level of casualty care and medical treatment. 

Working at Height Rescue​​


At any time when there are people working at height there should be an effective and robust rescue plan in place.

Some areas may require access to be made using rope systems, or mobile elevated work platforms. Now think about what would happen if someone is injured, or takes unwell whilst in these areas. How are you going to get them out of there?

We can be that answer. Our rescue medics area competent in the use of rope recovery and access equipment for retrieving or treating someone whilst in a precarious position or otherwise inaccessible, with the use of specialist equipment specifically designed for emergencies at height.. Another fantastic service we can provide to our industrial clients.