Expedition Cover

We are not restricted to working solely within the UK. We are able to deploy anywhere in the world and provide our high quality service to clients on expedition, or overseas film crews working in austere environments. Research teams, film crews, volunteer groups, they are all expected to have medical provision available for the duration of their trip whether in the jungle, the desert or on a boat. Expeditions are not just overseas though, and we can utilise our rescue medics to work autonomously within the UK too. So whether in the harsh Cairngorm or Snowdonia Mountains, the rugged Lake District hills, or even the rolling moorlands of the Peak District we are there for you.

Marine and coastal expedition medic
Jungle expedition medical cover
Desert expedition medical cover
Marine and Coastal
For expeditions were most of the trip is spent on an board a sea vessel there can be hundreds of miles between you and medical teams if something goes wrong.
The same can be said for vast areas of coastline where a rescue team may take some time to reach. Our medics can be part of your team and react to situations immediately.


If you have spent any time in a jungle environment then you know that ​having medical provisions on hand for emergencies and all kinds of bacterial and infection scenarios. Finding a party with an injured member in a jungle can take days. That's days you may not have.


Our medics are highly trained and predominantly rom a military background. Therefore the harshest of jungles of South America or Asia is not a problem for them to operate efficiently if needed. Nor will they become a burden and slow the expedition down due to inexperience in such environments.



The very nature of a desert is unimaginable for those that have not experienced it.

Our team has some very capable medics that have a wealth of experience in the deserts of the world from the middle east to the African Plains. And are primed and equipped to deal with medical emergencies as well as routine health checks of the team.


Arctic expedition medic
Mountain rescue medical cover
Urban expedition medical cover
Arctic Tundra
Working in blizzard conditions, in temperatures in excess of -45 and being able to bring the high level of patient care at a moment's notice is a very niche skill. Especially in the Alaskan wilderness or Russian Arctic
Working so far away from civilisation is challenging, and that's what makes such expeditions so rewarding. Whether relatively short expeditions, or prolonged research trips to Antarctica, we can provide the medical experience your team needs.
Whether within the UK or in the Rocky Mountains of America, you want to be confident in the knowledge that you are in the care of an experienced medic who is comfortable, and physically fit enough, to help if needed​.
We work closely with Mountain Rescue personnel, both here in the UK and internationally, and have the experience to give your team their very own rescue team to assist them with their journey.
It is not all about ​wilderness and remote areas. If your expedition is within an urban setting, such as documentary film crew, or news broadcasters, then being able to rely on the medic is crucial.
The level of care varies across the globe, and assuming you will receive the level of immediate care you require can be problematic. Having your own medic within your number removes the unknown. Trained to the level required by UK regulations, and using the most suitable equipment available, you will be in safe hands whether in the bustling metropolis of Prague, or an remote village of India.