First Aid Training

Our first aid training is delivered in a manner that is appropriate for the group in the training. We have the ability to amend our content and technique to be environment specific. We do not deliver "Off The Shelf" courses. We make sure that the candidates all leave with the confidence and competence to put their skills to use in the environments they work within.

Workplace first aid training

Standard Courses

Emergency First Aid at Work (1 Day)

First Aid at Work (3 Day)

Emergency Paediatric (1 Day)

Paediatric First Aid (2 Day)

Basic Life Support (Half Day)

Automated External Defibrillator

Community First Aid

Outdoor first aid training

Specialised Courses

First Aid For Sport

Outdoor First Aid (2 Days)

Activity First Aid (2 Days)

Forestry First Aid

Martial Arts First Aid

Cyclist First Aid

Motorcyclist First Aid

Fitness/Dance Instructor First Aid

First Aid For Schools

First aid awareness training

Awareness Courses

AED Awareness

Anaphylaxis Awareness

Citizen AID


First Aid Essentials

Catastrophic Bleeding

Family First Aid

Paediatric Awareness

Healthcare professional CPD training

CPD Courses

BLS for Healthcare Professionals

BLS for Dentists

ILS for Dentists