Multiple casualties can be treated quickly, no dressing is quicker to use, or more effective!


  • Quickly stems major bleed injuries
  • Velcro fastening ensures end of bandage is secured quickly
  • Can be used on any part of the body
  • Two size options: 18cm x 10cm and 18cm x 15cm
  • Vacuum packed to condense bandage for storage
  • Sterile to prevent infection


Allows medics to quickly dress major bleed wounds, applying direct pressure which stops the blood flow, thus enabling them to deal with further injuries.


The non-adherent dressing pad has a single directional action enabling the blood to pass through into the absorbent fibre. The super absorbent pad is capable of absorbing over twice its weight in fluid, protecting the wound from contamination.

Trauma Bandage

PriceFrom £2.95