Treat dozens of casualties in minutes!


Quick and easy to use on adults and children. A precise mechanism allows for 2mm adjustments. No skin reactions - it's latex-free.


The perfect tourniquet for mass casualty incidents. Any member of the public can help out in an emergency. Each tourniquet has visible, clear instructions printed directly on the tourniquet.


Designed to be simple and intuitive


The S.T.A.T tourniquet design is similar to that of an everyday cable tie, so it's simple and intuitive, and the reason it only takes 5 seconds to put on a casualty.


The highly visible child-proof release lever stops the tourniquet coming off but also allows for ease of removal once the individual is receiving medical attention.


The "timestrip" self-counting liquid timer helps triage victims


The "timestrip" timer allows the individuals applying the tourniquet to time exactly how long it's been on.


Rounded edges are kinder to the skin and soft tissue, resulting in less trauma to the patient. The finger loop in the strap allows the user to get a strong grip during the application, to apply the right amount of pressure.


Should the situation call for it, two S.T.A.T's can be combined and used alongside a trauma dressing to create a torso compression bandage, providing additional compression over a deep wound or laceration.


Kit Contents
2 x Pair of gloves
1 x Resusciade face shield
1 x Trauma bandage
1 x S.T.A.T tourniquet
1 x Compressed gauze
1 x Timestrip self-counting liquid timer
1 x Pair of scissors

Sterostop Bleed Kit

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