Perfectly designed for lone workers, off-site employees or outdoor activities and travel. Employers are responsible for covering the first aid requirements of their employees working outside their main offices or worksite. This could be workers who travel long distances or those who work at different premises for each job.


The contents of the BS8599-1 Off-Site Lone Worker Kit have been carefully selected to enable the user to deal with a wide variety of accidents whilst 'lone working' or 'off-site'.

These kits contain 500ml of sterile water which ensures the injury doesn't become infected by using potentially contaminated water sources.


It also has a burn dressing, which requires no water to cool a burn. Another reason these BS8599 kits are the only choice if you want to protect your employees, and comply with Health and Safety regulations.


Our BS8599-1 kit has been created to be completely British Standards compliant with its contents, the kit is available in both a soft nylon bag with separate compartments or a rigid plastic green box.

Off-Site Lone Worker First Aid Kit

PriceFrom £9.85