The 20ml Sterowash eye and wound wash station can provide eye protection and is clear for all to see


The Sterowash station, is ideal for washing and cleaning eyes and could save an individual's sight. It's also perfect to cleanse wounds to reduce the risk of infection, as it's sterile.


All workplace facilities that contain hazardous substances are required by law to have eyewash stations installed close by chemicals for worker's safety. This is because immediate and appropriate treatment is crucial when anyone suffers an eye injury, or needs to cleanse a wound. This is why our eye and wound wash station can be positioned on a wall where it can be easily accessed in the case of an emergency.


Our Sterowash pods can flush out:

  • Sand and dust particles
  • Chemicals
  • The vapour that is given off by toxic chemicals


The station can be wall-mounted so it can be seen every day, meaning it's highly visible and easily accessible in case of emergency

  • The newly designed station is made from strong lightweight plastic with pre-drilled holes ready for fixing to a wall in an office, warehouse, factory or anywhere that it may be needed
  • Recesses for the 10 pods are moulded precisely so that each pod will stay in place on their own, right down to the last one
  • A mirror is provided for observation of the eye and enables an individual to use eyewash on their own if needed
  • A topical, sterile eye/wound wash solution, containing Sodium Chloride BP 0.9%
  • Station size is 24.5cm x 33cm x 2.5cm

Sterowash - 20ml Eye And Wound Wash Station

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