Ideal for


  • Resus trollies
  • Emergency grab bags
  • Military
  • Mountain rescue
  • Accident & emergency departments
  • Emergency services
  • Midwifery


Who can use the EVAC-S Suction Device?


The EVAC-S Suction Device is a practical approach to administering oral suction for medical professionals and first aiders. The handheld nature of the device makes it ideal for storing in an emergency bag, whether by an on-call medic or by a designated first aider, to ensure that it can be kept nearby in case of an emergency.


This ease of storage also makes the device a practical option for any public space where medical attention may be required for an adult or a child without warning. With the EVAC-S Suction Device, an airway blocked by vomit, blood, phlegm, or other fluid can be suctioned from the casualty, potentially saving their life.


How do I assemble the EVAC-S Suction Device?


Simply connect the catheter required, and it is ready to use. Once the catheter is in position, the handle can be pulled to activate the suction.


How do I dispose of the EVAC-S Suction Device?


Once the device has been placed inside the self-seal disposable bag, the biohazard label can be affixed to the front, and then this can be disposed of with other biohazard waste.


Advantages, features & benefits


  • Sterile - Single-use
  • Supplied with adult and paediatric catheters and 300ml canister
  • Vacuum performance 500 mmHg
  • One-handed operation
  • Lightweight
  • Designed to provide quick and effective suction in emergency situations
  • High vacuum powered by one-hand operation leaving the other hand free for different tasks
  • Designed to provide efficient operation and ease of use


Canister volume 300ml
External diameter of the cap (suction port) 17mm
External diameter of catheters 9mm (adult), 10fg (paediatric)
Maximum vacuum 500mmHg
Peak free airflow >20ml
Operating environmental temperature -20°C to +50°C
Storage environmental temperature -40°C to +60°C
Net weight 270g

EVAC-S Suction Device

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