Dressings that work alongside the body's clotting system to stop the bleed fast


Ideal for individuals needing help with their natural clotting process, such as individuals taking blood thinning medication. It is also used in emergency casualty involving serious bleeds, making it a suitable addition to a first aid kit for use in trauma situations.


Inner woven layer made from 100% Chitosan - a substance used in medicine for wound healing and blood loss. It works independently from the bodies normal clotting process to support the management of moderate to severe bleeds. The clear adhesive PU film makes the dressing easy to apply and will stay firmly in place, even when in contact with liquids. 


Product features


  • Elastic, waterproof dressing
  • Antibacterial
  • Easy application and removal
  • Internal non-woven layer manufactured from 100% Chitosan
  • High absorption rate
  • Clear adhesive Polyurethane film
  • Flexible and conformable to all skin surfaces
  • Provides rapid haemorrhage control
  • Each size dressing is supplied in a pack of five
  • Suitable for any part of the body

ChitoClot Bandage

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