Burnshield Hyrdogel is the cooling, soothing gel that treats burns effectively


The Emergency Services have used Burnshield for over 20 years, giving you peace of mind that Burnshield really is the perfect product to treat skin burns effectively.


The gel formula provides a protective barrier and prevents the burn from progressing through healthy tissue and causing more damage. 


Provides fast, effective treatment for burns and scalds


Burnshield immediately eases pain, stabilises skin temperature and adds moisture to the burn area to help prevent infection. The easy to use spray can be applied to the burn straight away to cool and soothe the area, reducing the severity of the long-term effects and scarring.


Advantages, features & benefits


  • Non-adherent
  • Non-toxic
  • Quick application from pump spray
  • Contains tea-tree oil - naturally antibacterial substance
  • Immediate effective treatment
  • Relief for burns, scalds and sunburn
  • Suitable for 1st, 2nd and 3rd-degree burns
  • Safe for use on all types of burns
  • Minimises trauma
  • Sterile, helps prevent infection
  • Safe for use on children

Burnshield Hydrogel

PriceFrom £4.50